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icona di Spatial research for ENEA's zero gravity mission

Spatial research for ENEA's zero gravity mission

ENEA's researchers and scientific teams across Europe have lived a unique experience on bord the flight Zero - G Airbus A300. Through this mission, arranged by the European Space Agency, they have carried out scientific experiments at low gravity.

Date: 08/01/2013

Authors: M. Maffioletti, S. Marconi

Channel: English

icona di RADEX: a new way to fight against terrorism

RADEX: a new way to fight against terrorism

In recent years governments and institutions have dedicated their efforts to improve protection against urban terrorism.  Some current economic theories provide a strong basis for arguing that cities can withstand terrorist attacks. Places with huge daily volume of passengers were the target of many terroristic attacks and the forecasted increase of world urban mass transportation demands an increased level of security that is socially and economically acceptable. STANDEX (Stand-off detection of explosives) is a NATO program defined to develop an explosive warning system designed to work in existing mass transit infrastructures.
The whole STANDEX system use technologies which do not require any physical contact with the passengers, as microwave imaging and dielectric measurements, video tracking and alarm triggering system and Raman spectroscopy performed with eye safe lasers for traces detection.

Antonio Palucci (ENEA): “<...

icona di A new technology for energy saving indoors

A new technology for energy saving indoors

Every day we need to take account of soaring energy costs. This is undoubtedly a weight on government and private sectors as well as on the family budget.

For this reason the market is continually searching for products which could function with low energy consumption whilst at the same time maintaining high standards.

However misuse of appliances can always lead to unproductive results. According to the research done in European Union Countries, the proper use of electrical appliances can save up to 15% on electricity consumption.

This not inconsiderable amount takes on an extra significance when you consider another fact: most people spend 90% of their time indoors! The intensity of the time people spend in closed environments is another factor.

Awareness of energy consumption  is greater than ever. So why not give users a device that can easily monitor, in real time, electricity consumption and the air condition of...

icona di The LAMP project: OLEDs and OLETs, the next generation of Lighting

The LAMP project: OLEDs and OLETs, the next generation of Lighting

We have continued to call it “light bulb”  but it has come a long way since then.
The first light bulb dates back to 1890 and it was with a tungsten filament after that the compact fluorescent lamps. which use gas to emit light, came along.

Now the new frontier of lighting  is LED, also known as solid-state , because it is a material that produces light. It’s a new way of lighting which provides lower energy consumption than conventional bulbs, while at the same time giving the same force of light.

But we are only at the initial stages of research. The challenge that scientists must face is finding new materials. At the moment the materials used for the LEDs are complex and expensive to build or cheap with limited performance and duration.
The European Union has decided to invest 3 million Euros on new light sources. The project is called LAMP and it’s coordinated by ENEA. A prestigious role that ...

icona di The Marie Curie Actions 2013 Road Show

The Marie Curie Actions 2013 Road Show

On the 11th of April, the Marie Curie Actions Road Show makes a stopover in Rome.
This is the third edition of the Road Show organized by ENEA in cooperation with other six European research institutions.  It’s a perfect occasions to gather information on the different calls, requirements and deadlines of the Marie Curie Actions grant schemes.
Open to researchers of all ages and levels of experience, regardless of nationality, the Marie Curie Actions offer the possibility to work abroad, undergo highly qualified training and gain useful experience for the advancement of a researcher’s career. Nonetheless,  choosing  the most appropriate call and winning it may seem quite a difficult task at first. The Road Show is specially aimed at giving practical advice and support  to interested researchers.
Seven European host institutions, seven  countries, seven stopovers, let’s have a look at all of them…&nbs...

icona di Technological replicas for the plundered tombs of the Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara

Technological replicas for the plundered tombs of the Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara

With a nondestructing methodology developed by Protolab, at the Bologna ENEA Research Centre, Italy, the exact copies of two precious and fragile reliefs from the necropolis of Saqqara,  property of the Archaeological Museum of Bologna, were realized. A gift to the Egyptian government, the marble replicas will be placed inside the tombs from where the originals came from, to complete the monuments’ restoration.

icona di The PCS Plant

The PCS Plant

A short introduction to the PCS Plant of the ENEA Casaccia Research Centre, where ENEA’s  innovative concentration solar thermodynamic technology was first tested and developed. The facility is now part of SFERA,  a laboratory network for the promotion of renewable energy.  Certification testing of commercial components and advanced training for researchers and technicians is available on demand.

icona di  ENEA - Official Video

ENEA - Official Video

ENEA: Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development - Official Video

icona di Energy Efficiency and Building Renovation

Energy Efficiency and Building Renovation

Ministry of Economic Development, ENEA and construction industry together to encourage the market of low-carbon building renovation.

icona di REsearch LAbs for TEaching journalist

REsearch LAbs for TEaching journalist

RE search LAbs for TEaching journalist (RELATE)

icona di Speciale ENEA News - Trace explosive detection with laser spectroscopy

Speciale ENEA News - Trace explosive detection with laser spectroscopy

The Laser Application Laboratory in the ENEA Frascati Research Centre has completed a series of tests and experimentation on laser spectroscopy technology to assess its potential for the creation of new  tools  for detecting  trace explosives in densely trafficked areas, such as airports, railway station or rallies and major entertainement events. Accurate and reliable results prove that the target is feasible and the commercialization phase ready to start.

icona di Skyland, the vertical farm made in Italy

Skyland, the vertical farm made in Italy

A promo video produced by ENEA to support Skyland, a project idea for sustainable vertical farming. Vertical farms within the city boundaries are the new frontier of indoor agriculture. The distance between production and consumption is set to zero while distribution costs and pollution sensibly reduced.


icona di Course on marine science and coastal studies - Cienfuegos, CUBA

Course on marine science and coastal studies - Cienfuegos, CUBA

18 young researchers from the Caribbean met in Cienfuegos, Republic of Cuba, to attend a 2 week intensive course on marine science and coastal studies at the CEAC. The initiative, funded and promoted by ICTP, Trieste, Italy, was realized with the cooperation of a number of research institutions from Italy, France and Cuba.
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