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Skyland, the vertical farm made in Italy

Luogo: Roma
Data: 10/09/2009
Canale: English
Autori: F. Falconieri, M. Maffioletti

A promo video produced by ENEA to support Skyland, a project idea for sustainable vertical farming. Vertical farms within the city boundaries are the new frontier of indoor agriculture. The distance between production and consumption is set to zero while distribution costs and pollution sensibly reduced.


We imagined a new place in town, a place where healthy food is produced, where research to guarantee food security is carried out, where you may learn and taste, a place designed to host quality, for your well being, without pollution or waste, a place just round the corner.
It’s Skyland, the vertical farm made in Italy - the country of Art, high fashion and gourmet cuisine.
At Skyland the distance between green production and consumption will be set to zero. Skyland is an indoor agriculture pioneer that will prove of immediate advantage  for the consumers, and result in a new way of thinking about healthy food and what we eat.
Each hectare of urban soil where Skyland is erected will yield the equivalent of 4-5 hectares of traditional open air harvest.
Effective crop rotation without any pesticides will guarantee the quality of the produce.
Skyland is a futuristic project which integrates advanced engineering, new technology and materials to achieve environmental sustainability. Electricity will be generated  with photovoltaic panels  and air –conditioning  provided by a geothermal heat pump system. All energy needed by Skyland will be derived from renewable sources.
With the biomass of its own waste, more energy will be produced and cutting edge technology for reusing and recycling both water and materials will be put to use. Skyland will not pollute the environment.
Every day tons of food are transported into our cities.
Storing and distribution, waste and pollution: from the farm land to the supermarket the price of apples increase one hundred and it is still bound to rise.
According to a United Nations’ estimate, in 2050 more than 9 billion people will inhabit  the earth, and about 80% of the world population will live in cities.
Agriculture has to face a great challenge: providing healthy food to an increasing number of people while implementing environmentally friendly technologies to cultivate the land.   
Skyland is to became a banner of such a challenge. It ‘s not a skyscraper, it’s a project for improving the quality of life in the city and initiating people to a urban, sustainable and healthy eating attitude and culture.     
Future generations will live in cities, let’s create a sustainable urban environment today.
Skyland, the green landmark of future towns.

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