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A new technology for energy saving indoors

Luogo: Portici
Data: 26/06/2013
Canale: English
Autori: R. Ciardi, S. Marconi

Every day we need to take account of soaring energy costs. This is undoubtedly a weight on government and private sectors as well as on the family budget.

For this reason the market is continually searching for products which could function with low energy consumption whilst at the same time maintaining high standards.

However misuse of appliances can always lead to unproductive results. According to the research done in European Union Countries, the proper use of electrical appliances can save up to 15% on electricity consumption.

This not inconsiderable amount takes on an extra significance when you consider another fact: most people spend 90% of their time indoors! The intensity of the time people spend in closed environments is another factor.

Awareness of energy consumption  is greater than ever. So why not give users a device that can easily monitor, in real time, electricity consumption and the air condition of the buildings where they live and work?

@lisee is the cutting-edge solution. It has been designed  for distributed monitoring and control of electricity consumption  and air quality in any given closed environment: houses, offices, shopping centers, building complexes and even data centers.

This technology is patented by ENEA - The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. The purpose is to allow  optimization of power consumption, ensuring comfort, along with maintaining  a perfect level of temperature and humidity  to create the ideal ambience.
Let’s see how.

@lisee is  an intelligent wireless multi-sensors network. It includes small energy meters that can be installed in the electrical sockets or connected to the electricity cables which monitor ‘real time’ power consumption of individual appliances.

The sensors are also equipped with electronic “noses” which are able to analyze the air quality, reconstructing a 3D  olfactory image  of  the environment under observation. This information allows the users decide whether or not the activation of the air conditioning and ventilation system is necessary,  thus achieving a considerable energy saving.

Every sensor communicates, through a  radio connection, the pre-processed data to a local server or directly onto the Web.

Users can easily access the information on electricity consumption and air quality directly from their PC, tablet or Smartphone as and when they want, through a user-friendly interface.

In addition to data collected in real time, @lisee software applications allow users to reconstruct historical trends in consumption and highlight any anomalies or even breakdowns in the monitored appliance.

@lisee therefore allows the users to be aware of their  consumption of electricity which in turn will help them adopt good practices concerning behavior and the cutting down on energy waste.

@ lisee is a flexible device and, thanks to a scalable design, it is able to guarantee excellent performance in a small apartment right up to large buildings. It has been designed to provide a standard application which can be also custom made in order to meet specific demands.

@lisee, a single technology for many applications!

Data Centers for example represent a significant energy cost for companies being responsible for 3% of global CO2 emissions. By installing @lisee system, the air conditioning system operation of racks, power management system and the correct airflow inside the data center settings would all be controlled in real time. All these mean, flawless operation, prevention of  breakdowns, reduction of electricity usage and consequently financial saving.

If the residential areas are the primary objective, @lisee would reach its maximum potential in large building  complexes!
Here the technology provides the energy managers with the information needed to efficiently manage the electricity consumption, by controlling air conditioning systems, lighting and the scheduling of maintenance works.

Last but not least, @lisee technology is able to integrate with social networks and websites, from which useful data such as electricity costs and weather forecasts can be derived effectively.
This way users can develop efficient control strategies of the building’s electricity systems on the basis of information obtained. Then they can share this data on the web to encourage others to adopt measures designed to save electricity.

@lisee is an intelligent wireless multi-sensors network. This technology has been designed for distributed monitoring and control of electricity consumption and air quality in any given closed environment: houses, offices, shopping centers, building complexes and even data centers.

Date: 26/06/2013

Authors: R. Ciardi, S. Marconi

Channel: English


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